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L's Bravo Viewtiful Part 2
Sunday, June 1, 2014 | 0 Comments


Entry ni panjang giler

Assalamualaikum & Hello
Seperti tajuk diatas. Today, I'll show some pics from the photobook shown above. I bought it here and received it on 13 November, 2013. Setelah sekian lama terperap as draft akhirnya dapat juga di publish.

Totally happy when I received it. But sadly I can't make an unboxing video since I don't have my iPad at that moment 'cause my brother brought it with him. So, let's start. Btw, sorry for the low quality photos. >.<

Firstly, I'll tell you about the photographer. He's Kim Myungsoo. Known as LKim or KMSL. You can google, to know more about him.

This is the 'Special Edition Notebook'. Ada la beberapa gambar di dalamnya. 

Ada single line page untuk tulis isi hati anda and ada mukasurat yang blank so boleh doodle².

Ni beberapa gambar yang ada di dalam 'Special Edition Notebook' ni.

Ni front cover and the back cover of the 'Photo Essay Book'.

Benda yang ada muka Myung tu boleh bukak². So, if rasa tak suka benda ni boleh tanggalkan je.

Ni front page dia.

Ni macam isi kandungan dia. 

Bio Encik Myung yang dia tulis dalam Engrish. 

Maybe ni column 'thanks to' or sesi bebelan dia kot. Entahlah. The only think that I can understand are Kim Myungsoo, Inpiniteu, Inspiriteu, Carbonara and 'the end' (don't know how to romanized the word).

Actually, I'm quite lazy to show all of the photos in the 'Photo Essay Book'. So, I'll show you some of my fav. and will give you the link if you wanna see more.

Although gambar dia biasa² je. But the doodles comel sangat.
Lemon Satang~ MyungJong shipper mesti suka bila tengok ni. >.< kkk

/sobs sobs/ Wanna try to play it. Interested to try it. Even my dad support me but I don't know the place that can teach me.


WooWoo~ ISAC '13 rasanya. Time birthday Sungjong.

Mengibau kenangan. kkk. Macam time recording MV 'Lately'.

Sebab Moonsoo comel. FULLSTOP

Fav. concept. MAN IN LOVE.

Lastly.. Pop. Pop. Natuure.. POP!
Sadly diorg dah tak jadi 'duta' Natuure Pop lagi.

Ada juga photocard but wouldn't tear it. Too precious~
Click here for more pics.

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