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F.A.Q of The Living Photograpgh
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Annyeong.

So here are some questions for the poem The Living Photograph that I have collected from my exercises and exam ques. Print it because I'm sure it will help you someday. I'm not 100% sure if the answer is the right one so better check with your teacher first.

What does the word 'there' refer to in the poem?
The word 'there' in the poem refer to the photo that was taken when the persona/poet/she is three with her grandmother.
Why do you think the grandmother looks tall in the photo?
Perhaps it was because at that time her back is still straight and the poet is only three, she must be shorter than her grandmother.
Why  do you think her grandmother's hand is black?
The poet grandmother's hand is black because she ageing and underwent physical changes or it might be that her grandmother is the paternal grandmother. 
How had the grandmother changed physically? Give 2 example.
She grew small and her back bent forward.
What does 'crinkled' smile mean in the last stanza?
The line that's appear when the poet's grandmother smile. 
When was the photo taken?
When the poet was three years old.
What do you think had happened to the persona's grandmother? Give evidence to support this.
Her grandmother passed away. When the persona said that her grandmother went to an awful place that's unknown and unthinkable. The awful place may refer to a cemetery.
Do you think the persona loves her grandmother? Why?
The persona loves her grandmother because the memory of her grandmother still lingers on and lives on the persona's mind.  

Will add more soon..

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