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F.A.Q of The Charge of the Light Brigade
Monday, December 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum & Hello

I'm back. So this time will be the f.a.q in exams or exercises for TCotLB. I will continue doing this for all the poems and short story that I've learned in Form 4 and 5 + Captain Nobody. As usual, I can't guarantee that the answers are right. Ask your teachers before making my post as notes/source. 

How many soldiers were involved?
600 soldiers
What were they told to do?
They were told to attack their enemy.
How far did the soldier have to ride?
Half a league.
What did the soldiers knew when they did as ordered?
They knew that the order was a mistake.
Why did they not question the orders?
It is not their place to question the orders given by their superior.
What do you think is the motto of the Light Brigade?
To do and die.
What surrounded the soldiers as they rode into the valley? What does this tell us about the enemies?
They were surrounded enemy cannon. This tell us that the enemies were well prepared. 
How were the soldiers attacked as they rode into the valley?
They were attacked by guns, cannons and explosive from left, right and in front.
Will add more soon..

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