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Reference Book Recommendation
Thursday, April 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum & Hello

It's have been such a long time since I update my blog. Post ni khas untuk senior high school terutamanya yang dalam science stream. So , today I'm going to do a reference book recommendation because nowadays there're a lot of publisher so there will also be various of book to choose and this will make you confused and stress. I know, been there, done that. The books listed below are what I think is the best reference book but some may not agree with me. Check my friend's blog to see her list. → studywithoohyra 

Before that.. This might be random but this is one of my tips. When you're a senior in high school you will receive tons of paper so you totally need a file like this so that you will not misplaced it somewhere. 

Let's start.

Price: RM6.90/RM7.50
This might not be the best proverb & idiom compilation book ever but this help me and my classmates a lot since I'm the only one who brought this to school. heh. Nampak je KSSR tapi jangan pandang rendah. Budak sekolah menengah pun boleh guna.

I think this is the best module/practice book ever (for Chemistry). It makes your learning lesson more fun and easy. Comment if you want to see a flip-through for this book. You can order the module from Mr. Ooi.
Tel: 0129060875

Simple, light, small. The best reference book for English literature or not. Tell me in the comment if you think there's a better reference book.

If you can find it, please buy. 

Price: Around RM25 to RM50
If you didn't know yet, yes I might be the nerdiest kid at school you'll ever find. I always place the dictionary in my desk and if you look at the condition, I use the dictionary frequently.

Price: RM29.95/RM30.95
If you couldn't buy the Chemistry module above you can just buy this reference book because it's from the same author. Very informative and easy to understand.

Price: RM13.90/RM14.90
Kecil tapi padat. Semua benda anda and senang dibawa kemana-mana. I've another one for Pendidikan Islam from the sma publisher and that one is awesome too. So, totally recommend it. When I was in form 4, I forgot to bring my textbook for Sejarah Paper 3 and you know how important buku teks untuk paper tu kan. I only have this reference book with me and I still get high score because all the information in it is 98% same as the textbooks.

Price: RM32.90/RM33.90
I bought this just a few weeks before my SPM because the other reference book that I've sucked.  I started to like PAN ASIA reference book since tingkatan 3. One of my fav. publisher.

That's it. Dah bulan akhir bulan 4 baru nak post. Sorry. I procrastinate a lot. I've lot more book that I would like to give away/sell since I don't have younger siblings to give it away. Leave a comment if you want it. Some that are still in good condition I'll sell it but the others like my Chemistry reference book I'll just give it away for free so do tell me, ok? 

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