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My University Journey - SPM Result
Friday, May 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum & Hello

I'm going to start a new section(?) on my blog. lol. After 3 months being a jobless high school graduate, finally I'm going to further my study. 

Dapat slip SPM 2 bulan lepas (16/3) tapi baru sekarang nak cerita. heh. Dengan penuh tawakal (seriously tak nervous langsung), pergi ambil result with my fam (nieces, nephews, sis-in-law, parents) macam dapat anugerah je kan. Kononya.. Sebenarnya semua pakat ikut sebab nak balik kampung, lepastu nak jalan2.

Siapa nak tengok vlog vacation kat sini ↴

SMK(P) Sultan Abu Bakar
GPS SPM 2016 2.39
Straight A = 23 org ( 16.08%, )
No 1 di Muar

Obviously we are all happy. Our school always get the 2nd place but during our batch, dream comes true. Miracle happened. My result is a lil bit disappointing, my target is 5A but past is past. I'm not sad nor happy either. I just felt thankful that my parents still smile and said that they felt glad that I did not fail my Add Math paper. Alhamdullilah.   

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