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My University Journey - Temuduga Asasi TESL UiTM Intake 2017/2018
Saturday, June 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum & Hello

It's have been a week or so since my last blog update. Today I'm going to share my experience going for my Asasi TESL interview. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and my bahasa rojak.

Tak payah cerita panjang lebar sangat lah ya. I know you guys are here just to know about the question that the interviewers asked right? My interview was held in UiTM Kampus Pasir Gudang which is just a few mins away from my sis's house. I get the 2nd session which is at 2pm.

Before the interview, you have to take a writing test. There will be two parts, comprehension and essay question. I got 'The Benefit of Learning English(?)' as my essay question. Not that hard but it's have been such a long time since I write an essay so I'm not sure about that tho.   

Dengan kaki kanan and bismillah, I entered the room. There're three interviewers. A man (Sir Irwan,  he's my Computer Literacy lecturer and my penasihat club) and 2 women. I think one is a lecturer and the other one is my senior. 

Me: Assalamualaikum.. (while handing them the files)
Interviewers: W'salam. You may seat.
Sir Irwan: Tell us about yourself.
Me: My name is Nabilah binti Abd Talib. I studied in Sultan Abu Bakar Girls School, Muar. I was born in Sungai Petani, Kedah and currently live in Muar, Johor. I came here with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. I've my own youtube channel and blogs.
Sir Irwan: Really? Give me your username?
Me: MiszNe99. M-I-S-Z-N-E 99
Sir Irwan: You may continue (while searching for my channel)
Me: During the school holiday I do graphic design, calligraphy and taking an online course.
Interviewer 1: Where and what course?
Me: Coursera. Korean language.
Sir Irwan: Ahh.. Found it. Uhh.. (while watching) 
Interviewer 1: So how the site works and will you receive a certificate afterwards?
Me: I'll have to watch few videos and do assignments. I'm currently at weeks 3. Yes, I'll get a certificate.
Sir Irwan: I notice here that you get B+ for Bahasa Malaysia. Why?
Me: I'm not sure. Maybe because I've more interest in English or I did some mistake during my SPM. 

That's it. Those are the question based on my introduction. So, prepare your introduction well and try to bait them to ask you the question that you know the answer such as your interest or what you did during the school holiday. After that, they do ask other question such as..
"Do you think online platforms such as youtube will encourage people to learn new language?" kinda.. I can't remember the exact question. "Who's the Menteri Besar Johor?" "Who's the deputy Prime Minister?" "Why do you want to be a teacher?" "What do you think are the quality that a teacher should have?" "What's your opinion about a teacher who has favoritism?"

Mine is quite a long interview to be honest. I memang dah hancur harapan, memang ingat tak dapat lah since I can't answer a question and stuttered a lil bit because I takda idea nak jawab apa. lol. Tips? Jangan lupa buat teknik umpan tu. It's your choice if you want to memorize the current issue but mine tak tanya pun so just watch the 8pm and 8am news pun dah cukup rasanaya. Just make sure you answer the question although you actually don't know what you're talking about. If you don't know who's the deputy PM just like me, lol. Just tell them honestly that you don't know and say that you're sorry. My interviewers did not even look at my certificate file except the photocopy of my SPM result but my housemates said that their interviewers check theirs so it depends. 

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